Fast and accurate radiological diagnosis saves lives.


Argos uses deep convolutional neural networks to diagnose radiological images faster and more accurately than a human radiologist can, leading to better patient care and lives saved. 

Our offering makes possible real-time diagnosis of disease in cross-sectional radiological imaging.

We're currently partnering with a leading tele-radiology company to validate and deploy our technology.


We respect your workflow.


No specialized workstation, no separate application to log into.

Scanner sends study to PACS, Argos identifies disease states and annotates important images for radiologists to review.

From the radiologists’ perspective: Argos just adds an annotated image series to the study.


Three uses for an extra pair of eyes


Triage positive studies

Minimize turnaround time for acute patients.

Increase reading volume

Report negative if negative, annotate important images if positive.

Automate QA

By focusing radiologist over-reads on AI-discordant studies,

5% over-reads becomes 100% QA coverage.


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